Visit to Negros is not complete without knowing their culture at the same their arts., According to our Speaker, Sir Ver Pacete, that history is the record of past ,events, with particular person or place.

Historians are someone who specialize on history, and starting today I love to begin their role in the society.

According to :Negros Occ. Travel Information:

The island of “BUGLAS” was discovered in April 1565 by the crew members of the boat Esteban de Rodriguez, making Juan de Aguirre the first Spaniard to set foot on the island. From the accounts of these men, it was inhabited by short, dark-skinned natives called “Negrillos” – which gave rise to the present name of the island: NEGROS.


Often referred to as the land of genteel people large sugar plantations, Negros Occidental is blessed with beautiful natural scenery, unexplored waterfalls and mountains, white sand beaches, and crystal springs.

Negros Occidental’s wealth has always been its land, people, its cuisine. These elements make this destination wonderful and unforgeable.

Strategically located as part of the Western Visayas Region, the province of Occidental Negros occupies the western portion of Negros Island. It is bounded to the north by the Visayan Sea; to the east by the province of l Negros and partly by Tañon Strait; to the west by the Strait of Guimaras; and to the south by Sulu Sea.


Negros Occidental has long been a center of culture

and arts, the wealth brought about by the sugar industry that the Negrense principalia enjoyed best.

Balay Negrense

Balay Negrense on Cinco de Noviembre Street

Silay City – to the north of the capital Bacolod City ,Nicknamed the “Paris of Negros” is the culture and artist center of Western Visayas it boasts of 30 heritage houses declared by the national historical institute, most notable of which is the Balay Negrense, it is also the hometown of National Artist ofthe Philippines for Architecture Leandro Locsin and International Mezzo-Soprano Conchita Gaston.

This blossoming in art was due to the economical importance of the area during the Spanish era, Negros became probably the most hispanic area and pro-Spanish area, due to the enormous investments of Spain in the sugar business.

Another famous treasure of Negrense art heritage can be found in Victoria’s City, within the confines of the Victoria’s Milling Company in its chapel is the world famous mural of the Angry Christ, painted by artist Alfonso Ossorio,a scion of the Ossorio family who owned the mill.

For you, better visit Negros for you to know what are the places that Negros become popular.

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Balay Negrense


Today June 4 2010, our heritage tour to Silay City Negros Occidental. Will discover the place very historical. Let’s go.

On this day we leanerd from our tour guide, Ver Pacite about the momument, Balete Tree, houses of famous Silaynon.

BALAY NEGRENSE,is our first destination. At first I am thinking of a simple house, but when I get in. Wow!

What a nice house more of antique furniture.. I appreciate also the miniature houses of the revolution. Also the family tree from past to present generation.BALAY NEGRENSE is among the 29 ancestral houses in Silay that the National Historical Institute had declared as national treasures .The house of stone and wood which fuses Spanish colonial and American period architecture stands on a foundation made from BALAYON TREE.The 12- bedroom structure design and built at around 1898.

MANUEL SEVERINO HOFELEŇA’S . .house is first ancestral house in Silay to welcome tourist, it houses Ramon Hofileňa’s art collections and historical memorabilia. A sketch by our hero Dr.Rizal Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo, and Vicente Manansala. In this place I fell like an artist.

VICTORIAS CITY is famous for there sugar milling, but in that place we visited there church


St. Josept the Worker . It was tag by some people ”Angry Christ” I appreciate the paintings. I love it..


THE RUINS The structure of the Ruins is of Italian architecture with neo-Romanesque twin columns. It was largest residential structure ever built at that time.One of the sons Felipe Gaston supervised the construction of the mansion making certain that a grade mixture of concrete and pouring was precisely followed. Final touches to the walls were made with egg whites mix with cement to give that marble-like finish. It’s so remarkable.. It’s a tour that I would treasured in my life.

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Banganhon’s Pride


Banga is specific on good values where they get it from forefathers of Banga. It’s culture and tradition is also based on way of living by the people.Its my native land, so I want to build my family here.It’s BARANGGAY has it’s own way to become productive vigilant on it’s resources

One of the pride is MANDUYOG HILL were anyone can do the station of the cross many catholics do this in time of Lenten season where they can repent their sin.

Have you heard about BANGA ROTUNDA the center of our town where in time of Japaneses regime many banganhon’s died. They make a circle in that area then everybody is shot.

Another place were I spent my childhood is our church coz I do simple prayer for mama Mary every afternoon.

My alma matter is the AKLAN STATE UNIVERSITY today were my teachers molded me to be good . And also prepare me to become what I am now.

I include my experiences in my blog because I want to share some moments in my training that is memorable to me. Especially my stay at natures village. I am excited to our heritage tour  because it can give me an idea of what Negros it’s nature and its best.

Today, Banga is still make improvements when it comes to infrastructure, economy at the same the LGU is trained for the good of our town. This  place of hospitable people. A place were  safe to live in.

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